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Brainspark Games

Brainspark Games (previously Xplorealms) is building an eduverse of culturally nuanced, 3D immersive educational mobile games aligned with the UK national curriculum, for 7-13yos. We condense 12 weeks term time learning into a few hours of fun, fast gameplay!

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Sparks, levels & rewards

Subject Spark

BrainsparkGames (previously Xplorealms) is an award winning EdTech startup, building an eduverseof educational mobile games. We offer multi-sensory, culturally nuanced subjects aligned with the British national curriculum, through immersive technologies, for 7-14 yos.


Choose your special powers and boost through the knowledge levels from foundation to Key Stages 2 & 3 and become a Spark Genius! Explore the incredible range of subject sparks and teleport yourself into a world of knowledge and discovery!

Gems & Rewards

Collect gems of knowledge and scoop up bonus points, earn skin sparks and powers and unlock a range of fun and exciting rewards! Win a whole host of rewards when you become Brainspark genius!


  •  Foster a love of learning through play
  • Enhance the way children learn and retain knowledge
  • Democratise high quality, immersive, creative education
  • Reach every child in every corner of the world

We are playtesting our games across the world including; UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia amongst other regions. If you are a child, parent or teacher and would like a free playtesting session at your school or community space then get in touch

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Pedagogy & Curriculum innovation

Working in partnership with world class universities and leading subject matter specialists, and curriculum innovators, Brainspark is developing unique proprietary curriculum content and gamified schemes of work and lesson plans. We fact check the curriculum and incorporate diverse content to celebrate stories and characters from across the globe. We are researching how the National Curriculum can be visualised & gamified through immersive technologies, adopting enquiry based learning and applying 21st Century skills including; critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity & innovation, digital literacy, collaboration, career & life skills, organisation, ability to respond under pressure and resilience as well as integrating concepts around the ’Flip School’ where children learn at their own pace. We are developing evidence based researchmeasuring the impact of our games.

Our Schools



Sparkler mode


Designed to spark a child’s journey of discovery and foster a love of learning through play!

  • Fully aligned with Key stages 2&3 of UK national curriculum
  • Unlimited 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ entrance exams and wider knowledge
  • Short bitesize games connecting virtual & physical world
  • Explore our eduverse of subject spark educational games
  • Interact with key characters and worlds
  • Learn about diverse characters & stories from across the world
  • Play action packed games
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Tracker mode

£11.99 pa

Designed to enable a parent to track and monitor their child’s progress in Brainspark world

  • Fully aligned with Key stages 2&3 of UK national curriculum
  • Integrates 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ entrance exams and wider knowledge
  • Track which subject sparks your child is playing
  • Monitor & progress in quiz & learning task 
  • Redirect your child to subjects of your choice
  • Track virtual & physical world games
  • Restrict in-game time
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Creator mode

£29.99 pa

(per topic, per subject)

Designed to unleash creative lesson planning & delivery for teachers & schools

  • Fully aligned with Key stages 2&3 of UK national curriculum
  • Save lesson planning time by using pre-existing 3D world curriculum content 
  • Reduce marking workload with our automatic marking system 
  • Edit & modify quizzes & select learning tasks of your choice
  • Create multiplayer 3D immersive lesson plans, homework, projects & league tables
  • Gain data driven feedback on pupil progress
  • Track & monitor pupil progress 
  • Deliver lessons through immersive games in the class room or at home!
  • Research and evidence informed CPD
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What our Sparklers say!

We’ve been playtesting with children, parents and teachers across the globe and here’s what they told us


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